Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 - New Year, New Page

To me starting a New Year always feels a bit like it did when I was a child, returning to school after the summer break in September, when you got given new exercise books. I liked the clean, crisp feel of their pristine new pages, so fresh and full of promise you coud smell it! They sat there waiting for me to fill them. I was always excited by this, but of course although I started off with good intentions, took them home and covered them and wrote in them for the first few pages at least in my best, neat handwriting, by the end of the year they were full of scribble and ink blots and the lovely crisp pages had become slightly tatty and dog eared, rather like some of our New Year Resolutions end up!

I guess life in general does have a rather good analogy with an exercise book, you keep on turning the pages and fill each one with different things. Sometimes it's with things you want to do, sometimes its with things you have to do and sometimes its with things you have absolutely no control over or would not have chosen to happen,  but you still have to deal with them the best you can! You may end up a bit tattered and dog eared, but its still your life, your book, your record of being you!

So as I start 2015 I am excited to have my 'new pages' in front of me.  Some pages will be complete new chapters, others will be adding to existing ones.

sometimes a leap of faith is needed to change the direction of your life

Leap of faith - brand new chapters

I know some very big changes are coming my way at the end of March when I am taking a redundancy package from my current job as Marketing Manager with Careers Wales and embarking on an exciting new chapter by starting a brand new business. This change of direction is a complete leap of faith.

At this stage I have no idea how successful my new Usk Valley Promotions venture  will turn out to be but the vibes and connections are good and I'm feeling excited and invigorated with doing something for myself that will allow my energy and creativity to shine through!.

Like the gold fish in the picture I may end up swimming in deep water, into unchartered territory, but sometimes you have to have the courage to jump off the cliff rather than waiting to see if someone else will push you!

Adding to existing chapters

In 2015  am certain that I want to add more to these particular chapters.......

Spending time with friends and family 'the' most important thing of all

Making music

Spending time with my horse Rowan and dog Dewi

Spending more time in the Countryside

What about the blanks?

But what will those other blank pages bring???

Well I think its important to leave some totally blank pages with no headings at all to just see what life brings to fill them!

Happy New Year everyone - have fun filling your 2015 pages............... it starts today!
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