Tuesday, 8 July 2014

A Summer Evening Stroll at Cefn Ila

Due to lots of band bookings and other commitments this summer, my Usk Chirps blog posts may be a little less regular for the next few weeks, so please forgive me for that - come the Autumn when we become corralled inside on cold dark evenings, or wet days, no doubt my posting frequency will rise again!

This is my second post featuring the newly planted woodland at Cefn Ila. To read my original article, which has more detail, history and background of Cefn Ila and this Coed Cadw Woodland planting project click here.

I walk my dog Dewi regularly at Cefn Ila and it has been interesting to observe natures annual cycle from Winter through Spring into Summer.  In contrast to my last article which was written in Winter, the young trees planted on the 72 acre site at Cefn Ila are now in full leaf, cloaking the former open fields and hillside in a lush greeness.

The site is a haven for wildlife. Wildflowers, birds and  butterflies were very much in evidence as I walked this evening in warm sun after a heavy thundery downpour.  There was also plenty of evidence of foxes on the grassy tracks in the form of droppings which Dewi as usual, delighted in rolling in! Thankfully the stream which forms the boundary at the bottom of the site allows me to wash him off before he gets back in the car!

Apart from dealing with an obnoxious smelling dog, my evening stroll at Cefn Ila was very tranquil and relaxing. No people, no cars, no hassle,  just the beauty and sounds of nature - my photos hopefully share some of the general ambience of this lovely summer evening walk.

It's beginning to look like a wood as the deciduous saplings grow into young trees
Comma Butterfly
Small Skipper Butterfly 
Soldier beetle feeding on Common Hogweed 

The delicate, frothy leaves and striking bark of the Silver Birch

The young cherry trees are bearing small fruit - and yes I did try some! Lovely and sweet but plenty left for the birds!!

The old oak tree still standing proud in full leaf on the lower part of the wood

Signs of Autumn already with berries forming

Many lovely grasses and sedges

If you would like to know more about Cefn Ila Wood and how to find it click here to read my original article with directions and links to further information.

Dewi and me enjoying the lovely views across the surrounding, rolling Monmouthshire countryside

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