Sunday, 15 December 2013

In the beginning

Okay, well here goes with my brand new blog 'Usk Chirps'! It's about life in the Usk Valley, one of the most beautiful parts of South Wales, where I was born and brought up and still live today.

The idea to start a blog came from my sharing more and more things on Facebook - photos taken on walks and visits, information, observations, accounts and recipes. Friends seemed to enjoy these and some of them said things like 'love your photos and the pictures you paint with words', 'you should/ are you going to do a diary', 'can I have the recipe for that', 'how do I get to that walk it looks great',  'the local pics of Usk and things you write about make me homesick please keep doing it' or 'why don't you do a blog it would be a more permanent way of sharing things than Facebook'. 

Anyway today's the day when I've taken the plunge to set this blog up and I'm looking forward to 'chirping' about a whole variety of things on here, at what I hope will be fairly regular intervals in the future. I'll be posting my first proper piece soon so look out for it!

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